For as long as I’ve been involved in starting, growing and running businesses - which is a couple of decades and counting now – two things have been constant and true.

Business success is in large part a result of a business owner’s ability to:

1 - Generate more leads

2 - Convert them into customers

There’s more to business than that, sure. But too many businesses have a fantastic product or service, five stars on Trustpilot, and an empty bank account.

The ability to generate leads at will and convert

them into paying customers is critical.

As a business owner, you’re in a Catch-22 situation.

…You want to find more marketing that works.

…There’s loads of marketing that you could do.

…You don’t want to waste loads of money finding out what doesn’t work.

…So you don’t do anything.

That’s why so many businesses get stuck with their marketing and end up doing nothing.

Business owners don’t want to waste money, so they end up spending less and less on marketing, generating fewer leads than ever before, meaning fewer customers, less cash, and even less desire to waste money.

If a business does want to do some marketing, they’ll focus on what’s cheap or free, or look at what their competitors are doing and do that too, thinking there’s safety in numbers.

You can’t get ahead of the competition

if you’re following in their footsteps.

The trouble is, you have no idea whether someone else’s marketing is working like gangbusters and flooding the business with leads, or whether it’s a complete flop.

And they’re not going to tell you.

If only you knew what marketing was actually

working right now for different businesses.

If there was a place you could go where you could get the inside track on the marketing that other businesses are doing, would you go?

Well, I’m launching a brand-new group that will do exactly that, and if you’re a business owner who could use more leads and more customers, then this group unlocks the cheat codes in spectacular style.

You’ll have access to marketing that actually works right now in different businesses that you can take inspiration from or even swipe and deploy in your own business.

If that sounds good, then you’ll want to invest a couple of minutes to find out what I’m doing, and why I’m so confident that it’ll be such a valuable investment of your time and money that I’m guaranteeing it.


Let me explain some more about what the goal of this group is and what you can expect to get out of being a part of it.

Getting You MORE Leads, MORE Customers, MORE Profit 

Firstly, this group is all about giving you the inside track on what’s working right now in the other businesses I’m involved in. Hence ‘Inside Track’.  

We’ll meet for ten full days each year and spend every meeting looking at what different businesses are doing to get more customers, better customers and more profitable customers and helping you work out which of those ideas you should ignore and which you should implement in your own business. 

Some of this might be focused on the latest marketing technology that will save you time, or we might be discussing some core principles and sharing examples of how these are being used to deliver exceptional results.

Everything rooted in the Real World, NO THEORY 

These meetings aren’t full of hot air and theory. Everything we talk about is rooted firmly in the real world.  

Most of our content is driven by the businesses in the room and other businesses that I work with and am involved in, so we get to see the ‘nuts and bolts’ of an offer or a campaign, as well as the results.

Profit from the Experience & Expertise of others

These meetings really are all about who’s around the table, what they know, who they know, and their desire to share their successes and failures with the group. 

In this group, we’ve got some big hitters, plenty of grey hairs and some young guns. We’ve got B2B business owners and B2C. But most importantly we’ve got people who understand that their role isn’t just to extract maximum value FROM the group, but to ask how they can deliver value TO the group – and that’s what makes the difference. 

Intros To My Experts

Once you’re on the inside, you’ll have access to my network of experts, specialists in every facet of marketing, software and systems who I know, use and will introduce you to. 

Profitable Partnerships 

Pull a group like this together and of course there are going to be conversations, business partnerships forged and joint ventures agreed that increase the level of success of everyone involved. 

Peer Accountability 

Make a commitment in front of the group and you won’t want to come back to the next meeting with excuses about why it hasn’t happened. 

Ten Meetings a Year

There are ten Inside Track meetings per year – roughly every five weeks, meeting dates timed so there are no meetings during August or December.

You might have heard the saying about never wanting to be the smartest person in the room, and if you’re looking for a place full of brains and brilliant ideas, you might just have found it.

Plus you get "us"...

In addition to the other members around the table, you’ll get the very best of me and my long-time friend and business partner Ryan Davies, who’ll be helping me to facilitate these meetings.

I’ll bring everything I’ve learned about marketing from my working in sales and marketing for fast-growth franchises and business opportunities way back in the early 2000’s, through to building and growing Entrepreneurs Circle from zero into a 2500+ member organisation as Managing Director, then launching Ideal Result and building a marketing agency over 8 years, and now taking ‘School of Speed’ on a rapid-growth journey from idea to the premier motorsport experience company in the UK, alongside my partners James Merrills and David Laycock.

Ryan started his own B2B and B2C professional cleaning business straight from school, built it into multi-van, nine-person team, £500k turnover success before becoming a videographer for the rich and famous, including plenty of Premier League superstars. He was a key part of the team at Ideal Result, responsible for our own marketing and sales, and then he launched his own hugely successful agency ‘Ryan Does Marketing’ in 2022.

We’ve both been in other groups, in the UK and internationally, I was in Dan Kennedy’s Platinum Mastermind many years ago flying out to the US every few months to learn from one of the greatest marketers of all time, Ryan was out in Mexico earlier this year for a multi-day mastermind with some of the most successful digital marketers in the US, and we'll bring everything we’ve learned from those groups into this one.

Ryan and I work with dozens of businesses in a wide variety of different markets, and what’s working for each one is different. We don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ methodology, we implement the strategies and tactics that we believe will work best for each business, whether that’s Facebook ads or optimising for Google search, or direct mail, emails, video, flyers or even old-school ads in printed local newspapers. We’re managing tens of thousands of pounds a month in marketing budgets, most of it works, some of it doesn’t – but we’ll share our wins AND our failures with members of Inside Track.

The Smartest Investment You’ll Make

Before you apply, you’ll want to know what the investment is to be in a group like this.

It's not cheap, and that’s partly so we can book decent rooms at good-quality hotels without worrying about the cost, but mainly to deter chancers and time-wasters.

If you were thinking this is going to be a £1500+ per month investment, you’ll be surprised.

A seat around the table is going to cost £650+VAT per month, which is astonishing value, and that’s not the end of it.

That’s a £7800 a year investment in your business, which if you’re at any sort of six-figure scale you could see a positive ROI on from a single idea from your very first meeting.

If this level of investment seems expensive or out of reach, that's probably a good sign that you're not a good fit for this group.

Whatever business you’re in, you most likely know that you’re wasting WAY more than £650 a month on employees that aren’t performing and mistakes that you haven’t fixed. And that’s just the stuff you know about!

You’d be MUCH better off sorting those problems out and investing the money in a place in Inside Track.

If all of that value for so little money wasn’t enough, in time honoured tradition, I’ve got three valuable bonuses for you.


Get your application in before 11am on Monday 18th September and you’ll only pay £500+VAT per month, discounted by £150/month until January 2025 at the earliest.


I’m going to offer you an in-depth marketing review, completely for free. I don’t offer these on a project basis, but if I did they’d be £1500+.

You’ll need to send me some information, and we’ll need to spend a couple of hours either on the phone or face-to-face somewhere, but it’ll give ME a much better idea of what’s going on in your business, and I’ll hand you a marketing action plan that you can either implement yourself or I can make some introductions and get you some help and support.


I’m not messing around here. Apply to be part of this group, and if you and I both agree that you’ll be a strong fit for Inside Track then I’ll GUARANTEE your investment. 

Come to your first meeting, and if, by the time you head home that day you believe that you haven’t had at least £6000 of value from what’s been discussed, taught and dissected around the table, then tell me and I’ll process a full refund of everything you’ve paid to that point, plus ANOTHER £200 as an apology from me for accepting your application and wasting your time.

It’ll be back in your bank account by the time you get home.

What have you got to lose? Either you’ll have found a group where you’re getting huge value from every meeting, or you’ll be 100% certain that this isn’t the group for you and you’ll be £200 better off for finding out.

Read BEFORE You Apply

Here are some things to consider before you apply: 

  • I have a very strict no dickheads policy in this group. If that offends you, then this isn’t for you.

  • We are action takers. You must be willing to execute and implement some of the ideas discussed around the table, otherwise what’s the point? If you’re someone who makes excuses for inactivity and procrastination, then this isn’t for you.

  • If your business isn’t capable of producing an ROI on your membership, then it’s not going to be a sensible investment for you.

  • If you’re uncomfortable sharing your successes AND failures with the group, please do not apply. You cannot reasonably expect to learn and profit from the experiences of other members while not giving them the opportunity to learn and profit from yours.

(EVERYONE in this group will have experienced failure of some description – the more action you take, the more failure you’ll experience - there’s no shame in it. Talking openly about what hasn’t worked allows others to learn from your experiences, so they don’t make the same mistakes.)

Next Steps

Take a look around – I know you won’t find a more powerful, valuable group, even for five times the price.

And that's why I'm hoping you'll join us...

Time is short though, our next meeting is on September 21st, only a few weeks away, so we need to get the ball rolling.

If you’re on the fence, unsure about whether to move forward or not, then I highly recommend you complete the short application form and let’s talk. Even if we decide that this group isn’t for you, I’ll know a bit more about your business and might be able to give you some advice or ideas on our call.

If you do apply, there’s no obligation to join. Our initial call is exploratory, and even if I beg you to take a place around the table – you don’t have to accept it.

Who is Inside Track For?

This group is for smart and switched-on business owners, not for your employees. You cannot send an employee along to a meeting in your place. You wouldn’t like it if you turned up to a room full of other member’s staff, so we ask that you extend the same respect to the group.

Inside Track membership is for one person only. If your situation is one where you’d like to have two memberships, for a business partner or spouse, then that’s possible, and the second membership is reduced to just £200+VAT per month.

Make This Your Best Year Ever

Complete your application now and let’s jump on a call in the next few days to talk about whether Inside Track is the right place for you to be.

Talk soon

Mark Creaser

Co-Founder, Inside Track


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